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Cedar & Leather - Candle to Planter

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This scent is perfect for you if you enjoy bright and earthy fragrances.

top: cumin, cedar leaf, apple

middle: oregano, anise, cannabis

base: spice, warm leather, smoke

9.67 oz of virgin-coconut soy wax

Burn time of 45-55 hours, handmade in Toronto.

Each vessel is hand-made from jesmonite, an eco-friendly and non-toxic material. It’s also the very first candle you can easily turn into a planter with drainage when you are finished burning it.

Step One: Stop burning your glowvine when there is 1/2” of wax in the bottom. 

Step Two: Pour boiling water into the glowvine until all of the wax at the bottom and sides are covered and let it sit for about 30-60 minutes or until the water has completely cooled.If you leave it long enough, the wax should harden and form a disk that you can pull out easily.

Step Three: Please note it is VERY important not to put any wax down your sink. Unless you’re super into plumbers you probably don’t want to have to call one. 

Take a cloth or paper towel and remove any of the wax that has floated to the surface. With the water still in the vessel, take a spoon and scoop out the remainder of the wax. It should just pop right out! Once all of the wax has been removed, you can pour the water down the sink. 

Note: If you want to save your leftover wax and paper towel to make fire starters, put it in a wax melter or save enough wax for a DIY candle.

Step Four: Take a hot wet cloth and wipe out the vessel, ensuring there is no wax residue left over. Let that dry.

Step Five: At this point, you can either add a Glowvine refill or turn it into a planter. To do so, remove the drain plug from the bottom of the vessel and push through the hole in the bottom with a pen.

Voila! You either have a brand new candle or a home for your favourite plant.

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